Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Local students stay engaged

Silver Chips, Montgomery Blair High School's award-winning newspaper has picked up the beat, featuring the No Labels issue on the front cover of their print edition. The article, "SGR testifies against labels" focuses on Senior Kirstyn Ross-Roach's BOE testimony before the Board of Education.

In addition to the history and context of the No Labels issue, the article describes some of the recent events at Blair, sponsored by Students for Global Responsibility (SGR). They hosted two events, one in conjunction with the Diversity Workshop student group, designed to raise awareness and connect with Student Member of the Board Alan Xie, who expressed his support for removing the label.

Above: Blair senior Kirstyn Ross-Roach looks over her testimony with Silver Chips reporter Junior Sebastian Medina-Tayac.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gazette puts No Labels on the front page

The Montgomery County Gazette picked up on the hot debate around labeling and featured the story in today's paper. The article, "Campaign against 'Gifted and Talented' label revives long-standing Debate" outlines the many reasons the label must go.

Staff writer Andrew Ujifusa quotes several supporters, including parent Nora Cartland, Blair teacher George Vlasits and Blair student Kirstyn Ross-Roach.